Gift Ideas for Mothers Day 2024

Gift Ideas for Mothers Day 2024

As a brand founded by a mom, we take our Mother’s Day gift guide seriously. I mean… in our books, every day should be Mother’s Day, right? The moms on our team and in our lives are truly our heroes, and we’ve compiled a quick list of a few of their favorite items to help you brainstorm the perfect gift for a mom in your life!

THE MOM ON THE GO: The Travel Wallet

Now, what mom isn’t always go-go-go? Is that not the first line in the job description? Show you see and appreciate the million and one things she does with a gift that helps streamline her fast-paced lifestyle. Moms love something they can use a million different ways. This style is totally convertible — it works as a wallet she can toss in her purse, but it also has a crossbody strap so it can turn into a mini bag of its own with ease!

This piece also features complete zipper closure and an additional zip pocket inside which you know is perfect for her because she’s always worried about losing something! A gift that can erase at least a little of that stress for her? Priceless. Made from sleek vegan leather that looks so chic, it’s the perfect gift that can keep up with everything she does, and look good doing it. 


Our On-The-Go Essentials Case is a dream for the organization-obsessed. This set comes with two cases that nest inside each other for easy storage. They have clear panels so she can easily remember exactly what she’s carrying, and one even has a mirror — how luxurious! 

Time to break the fourth wall for a moment  — I happen to have these exact cases on my tray table with me as I write this blog because I use the bigger one to organize all my chords when I travel and the smaller one for lip balm, gum, and other things I may want mid-flight. If that sounds like the kind of function and organization your mom would treasure, this is a set she’s sure to love. She’ll appreciate anything you give her, but a present that truly helps organize her life and shows you know how much she carries will really mean the world.

FOR THE HOT MOM: A Makeup bag set she’ll love

I mean, all moms are hot moms, period. For the beauty experts… or the mom who appreciates a little mid-day touchup, our Cosmetic Pouch Set is her perfect pair (literally, it comes with not just one bag, but two!). These chic pouches have a classic rounded shape and they’re perfect for throwing into a purse. I mean, what better gift than one she’ll actually use every day?

One of the most magical things about moms is their unique ability to always have exactly what you need on hand. A great gift is an item that makes their Mary Poppins bag a little more organized because, if you can’t control other things, at least you can give the gift of control over the inside of her bag. This is a gift that feels like a sigh of relief. And… it’s just so cute — she’ll love!

A big thank you and “you’re doing amazing” from the BÉIS team to all the powerful moms out there! Happy Mother’s Day! 

Looking for more inspo? Explore our full shop of curated gifts for mom here.

P.S. Your mom would probably still appreciate one of your handmade cards, too. Just a thought:)

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