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      The Mesh Pouch Trio in Black The Mesh Pouch Trio in Black

      The mesh pouch trio in Black

      €20,00 EUR
      The Mesh Pouch Trio in Beige The Mesh Pouch Trio in Beige

      The mesh pouch trio in Beige

      €20,00 EUR


      Looking for a handy organizer that you can bring anywhere? Go pro with our sleek work accessories, built for every business-savvy individual. Choose from our workspace storage solutions like laptop sleeves and handy pouches, or functional necessities like pens and a water bottle. There are many ways to make your nine-to-five a little brighter, and these might even score you brownie points with the boss—they won’t forget who introduced them to their new favorite travel brand. 

      While most days don’t involve hopping on a jet and touching down in a foreign country, our daily lives are full of travel—we live, breathe, and work on the go. Whether you’re juggling a long list of tasks at work or taking care of an even longer list of errands, it’s not always easy keeping everything organized and optimized. That’s where our desk accessories come in. 

      Through thoughtful, well-crafted products, we play a part in making your day-to-day just a little more seamless. Just to be clear, you’re already killing the game. Now imagine how much easier success could be if you had a mesh pouch for all those small but crucial things you struggle not to misplace every day, from car keys, binder clips, stapler, scissors, to concealer. Or how about a trendy laptop sleeve to protect your most precious cargo? 

      If you start to feel fatigued during the workday, you can take a beat and refresh with our stylish and sturdy water bottle—it’s engineered to fit perfectly into your bag’s side pockets. Our pens help you keep track of everything you need to remember. (And don’t worry, they come in a set of two, in case you don’t remember where you left one of them. But with the handy storage solutions of our laptop sleeves and mesh pouches, you’ll have a strong handle on even the smallest of your belongings.)

      Each of these accessories comes in identical shades of black or beige, so you can personalize your collection and choose the color that feels right to you. Match it with your other BÉIS products for a monochromatic style, or mix it up for a cool and refreshing look. And just like the rest of our stylish product lines, each accessory has added features to enhance its functionality. 

      Just take a look at the Laptop Sleeve’s hidden interior slip pocket, the perfect storage space for headphones, chargers, and your other tech accessories. It also features pen slips, in case a blank piece of paper induces a flow of productivity better than a bright screen. Still, want more room to store? 

      The Mesh Pouch Trio comes with a handy D-ring so you can clip your pouches onto your BÉIS bag’s key leash in no time—and yes, every bag is equipped with a convenient key ring to help you mix and match your favorite accessories. You wear so many different hats between your personal and professional life—it’s time to invest in accessories that afford you that same versatility.