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The Cosmetic Organizer in Beige

The cosmetic organizer in Beige

$48.00 USD
The Cosmetic Organizer in Black

The cosmetic organizer in Black

$48.00 USD
The Jewelry Case in Beige

The jewelry case in Beige

$34.00 USD
The Jewelry Case in Black

The jewelry case in Black

$34.00 USD
The Cosmetic Case in Beige The Cosmetic Case in Beige

The cosmetic case in Beige

$83.00 USD
The Dopp Kit in Black The Dopp Kit in Black

The dopp kit in Black

$59.00 USD
The Dopp Kit in Beige The Dopp Kit in Beige

The dopp kit in Beige

$59.00 USD
The Cosmetic Case in Black The Cosmetic Case in Black

The cosmetic case in Black

$83.00 USD
Arrives 26/03/22
The Packing Cubes in Black The Packing Cubes in Black

The packing cubes in Black

$83.00 USD
The On The Go Essential Case in Black The On The Go Essential Case in Black

The on the go essential case in black

$59.00 USD
The Sport Wristlet Set in Black The Sport Wristlet Set in Black

The sport wristlet set  

$42.00 USD
Arrives 26/03/22
The Cosmetic Pouch Set in Black The Cosmetic Pouch Set in Black

The cosmetic pouch set in Black

$46.00 USD

We’ve all got baggage, be glad it’s BÉIS.

Our travel accessories are next-level travel essentials designed with you in mind, making packing and unpacking that much easier for your next adventure.

Our travel items cover all the bases, from a functional travel shoe bag to a stylish travel wallet with a shoulder strap or a sleek passport holder. Your backpack and travel luggage (and luggage sets) won't be complete without these trendy travel products on our packing list below. We design all of our luggage accessories to meet the needs of frequent travelers, traveling families, and business travelers.

Cosmetic Cases

Check out the stylish new addition to your vanity. Keep your take-off essentials organized on one side and your touch down and touch-up essentials on the other. You'll want these cosmetic bags handy in all your travel bags.

Whether you choose to use a Cosmetic Case as a hanging toiletry bag on the towel rack or a flat makeup bag on the sink, it will soon be your next travel necessity, and every makeup lover and skincare guru's best friend. You can also throw your pill organizer into your makeup bag to ensure they don't get lost!

Packing Cubes (5 piece packing cube set)

Travel tip: Turn your travel organization up a notch with your soon-to-be-favorite travel accessory: packing cubes. Once you start using these travel-enhancing accessories, there's no turning back. These make organizing the clothes in your suitcase a breeze. Packing will never be the same once you experience the magic of being able to fit more belongings into your bag than ever before with extra luggage space due to our packing cubes.

The Hanging Jewelry Case

Our hanging jewelry case is the perfect travel organizer bag for jewelry to keep your valuables safe. This easy-to-carry bag with multiple compartments will save you from having to untangle all of your dainty staple pieces. It comes with a hanging hook for full visibility when you're ready to style and it easily tucks away in your wardrobe for compact storage.

The Dopp Kit

A travel toiletry bag that has room for all of the mini travel bottles of your favorite shampoo, shaving cream or other travel toiletries! This will be your bathroom's new favorite accessory. Making it easy to bring smaller items to your next hotel room, camping trip, or overnight stay. The Dopp Kit even comes with a zippered pocket specifically for your toothbrush.

We recommend using the bottom compartment for any of your toiletries that are notorious for leaking and the main compartment for any other small items like nail scissors or grooming essentials. If you prefer to save space on the counter, or you don't have a counter to store it on then turn it into a hanging bag by opening the strap.

Don't forget the essentials that every traveler needs for any long flight: headphones, hand sanitizer, a neck pillow, a travel blanket, a water bottle, and a power bank. Our other favorite travel accessories to bring for a long flight are: an eye mask, sleep mask, and gadgets. Adventure awaits, so pack your travel bag, don't forget your money belt and luggage locks, and grab your boarding pass!