The Terry Towel Tote in Citron

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This may look like your average pool tote but unravel it and…. voila! Your tote is now the perfect towel for lounging by any pool. We even added an inflatable pillow for ultimate relaxation. Once you’re all laid out, we included snacks/drinks pockets (because it’s we’re always thinking about snacks). Consider it portable pool service.

Bag : W 60cm H 44 cm
Towel : W 95cm L175 cm
Bag & Towel 100% cotton
Pillow clear PVC
Bag/Towel : cold water machine wash
Pillow : Spot clean / whip cleaning
Weight : 0.83 kg
Capacity : 12 Liters

- Velcro Closure
-BEIS embroidered logo on front body
-clear removable inflatable pillow with BEIS logo print
-3 Side pockets on towel
-BEIS woven label on Towel pocket
-pocket with velcro closure for Pillow

- Everyday
- Personal Item
- Travel
- Beach
- Resort

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The Towel Tote

Every once in a while I truly outdo myself and well, this is one of those times. Introducing the new (and innovative) Towel Tote. It’s a tote, it’s a towel, it has a pillow, it can take you from the airport ALL the way to the sand. Do not sleep on this - well actually…but you know, once they’re gone they’re gone so order away! - Shay

Multi Wear
Beach Friendly

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